About Us

In our community, women struggle to achieve adequate menstrual hygiene due to lack of access and low income. Women are statistically more likely to live in poverty, and in our community, the poverty rate is 21%. A woman should never have to make a choice between food or pads or between paying the electric bill or buying tampons.

Our Mission

Not having a basic hygiene need met can be traumatic and can create additional financial barriers for women. Our collective objective is to implement a multidisciplinary approach to alleviating period poverty in Central Virginia by providing free feminine hygiene products and related education to women in need. We believe no one should have to struggle to accommodate a basic hygiene necessity.

Who We Serve

Any woman in Central Virginia in need of assistance with procuring feminine hygiene products (pads or tampons, liners, and wipes) can qualify. Individuals can apply for a FREE monthly subscription service by clicking here.

Referring partners in medical offices, allied health/mental health fields, education, family services, nonprofit groups, and more will have immediate response kits available and can help women enroll in a monthly subscription of feminine hygiene products. To learn more about becoming a referring partner, click here.

How We Do It

PAD Center is a distribution hub. We work with referring partners throughout the Central Virginia region to reach women in need. Referring partners are anyone who come in contact that can refer women or encourage them to apply to receive the products. PAD Center does not have any qualifying criteria of their own. Check out the referring partner section if you are interested in becoming one!

PAD Center distributes products in two ways. The method is getting products in the hands of those in need. These kits are called Immediate Response Kits (IRK) an have feminine hygiene products for immediate use and are all made the same.

Once a client has receive an IRK they are encourage to sign up for a monthly subscription. The sign up is still free of charge but enables PAD Center to meet the specific needs of an individual. Women are not all made the same, so we want to make sure that the women we reach are being helped in a productive way. On a monthly basis women can pick up feminine hygiene products from YWCA Town Center or the office that referred them. These kits will be tailored to the preferences of clients as supplies allow.

PAD Center has a transitional office space at YWCA Town Center and is currently open on Mondays and Fridays.